Lighters grant us the power to wield a mighty flame in the palm of our hand. That is, until they get lost, stolen, or vanish into the creases of a sofa. How might we protect our trusty lighters from the dark forces that make them disappear? Like any great sword has it’s sheath, the hero’s lighter rests in a Pass Pal. Our patented design includes a lighter jacket and a double-sided strap that fits around countless surfaces. Your lighter will fit snug in the Pass Pals jacket. When it’s not in use, stick it right on the strap and rest easy knowing your lighter has found its home. Hanging out with a group? Throw it on a water pipe and hand it to a friend. The best part, you can do so much more with it. Wrap it on your backpack strap while you go hiking or camping, or maybe even your belt or purse strap while you're out on the town or at a concert. Lets be honest, if you're at a music festival you like to have your lighter handy. So why not invest in a product that attaches your lighter to your camelback. Our lighter jacket even makes it difficult for your lighter to fall out of your pocket. No matter where you decide to put it, just know it'll be there when you need it. You’ll easily notice when the lighter’s not on its strap and our eye-catching jacket designs make it unique and easy to recognize. No more rifling through pockets and backpacks. No more hunting down lighter thieves.  Lose your worries, not your lighter. Buy a Pass Pal today.